When you get your camera be certain that you reset the camera, reformat the memory card and reset the file sequence numbers.

When you begin your photo shoot remember to set your ISO to an appropriate setting.  Most of you will be shooting at about 400 ISO or lower.  Note, unless you are shooting still life subjects I suggest you shoot at 400 ISO.  You may only shoot in either Shutter Priority or Aperture Priority for this assignment.



Shooting Assignment:


You are to produce 4 photographs for my viewing.  All photos may be either vertical or horizontal depending on the subject.


The first photograph is to be a landscape photo in which you use the rule of thirds.


The second photo is to be a landscape photo in which, while using the rule of thirds, you also incorporate the rule of framing.


The third photo is to be a landscape photo in which, while using the rule of thirds, you also add a foreground subject to add depth.  Your foreground subject must be between 6 and 10 feet from the front of the camera.


I would suggest that the first three photographs should be shot in aperture mode.  However is there is motion in your photo you might switch to shutter mode.



Your fourth photo is to be a photo of a human that is actively doing something.  They may NOT be posing for the camera.  This photo, since it will incorporate some for of action should be shot in shutter priority.


I suggest that you take a variety of photos for each shot.  You could take a dozen or more angles or views of each required shot and then review them to decide which you think is the best shot.  Note the file number of the photo you choose. On Tuesday you will be loading all your photos onto your thumb drive and then giving me the four photos you have selected.  If two or more of you are using the same camera, note which files are yours by writing down the file numbers.


Finally go to the class web page.  Under Class Management you will see a link titled  Photo Shoot Worksheet.  Click on this link then click on the link titled  Worksheet Template.  Print this page.  You will need to make 4 copies of the page, one for each photo.  Put your name on the top of the page in the upper right hand corner and below your name write your period number.


Then complete the information requested on the page for each photo.  You must either type this or write in dark ink (blue or black)  For this assignment you do NOT have to complete the Post Processing section.


The photo worksheets and the selected files and due in class Tuesday.  No exceptions.


Since you have the camera for the weekend, you may use it to take any other photos you wish---it is all good practice.

Good Luck and have some F-U-N!!!  J