The Advanced Placement Examination in Euroopean History does not rrequire that the student be an art "expert." Rather, art is seen as part of the history of the times and artists are generally viewed as individuals who portray the morals and values of their times. On the pages which follow you will find first a collection of brief definitions of the various artistic styles developed in modern European history.

The links at the bottom of the page will provide you with a representative work of art for each period along with a commentary describing the place of the work in history. Additionally, an essay questions is provided to assist you in developing the concept of "point of view."

Art Definitions




Northern Realism








Abstract Expressionism

 Victorian Art

 Awakening Conscience



Art Powerpoint Programs

The Art of the

French Revolution




An Essay on Developing Point of View

Art Comparison Essay


Musical Interlude provided by Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" -- Introduction