1802 FACTORY ACT Protected pauper apprentices
1819 FACTORY ACT Limited Child Labor in the cotton industrry
1820-25 LEGAL ACTS Reformed Criminal Codes
1823-1827 TARIFF ACTS Reduced tariffs
1825 LABOR ACT Modified the Combination Acts
1828 TEST ACT REPEALED Admitted nonconformists to political office
1829 CATHOLIC EMANCIPATION Admimtted Catholics to office

Eliminated rotten boroughs

Increased the electorate

Provided representation for industrial towns

1833 FACTORY ACT Limited working hours for children
1834 NEW POOR LAW Changed public relief system
1842 FACTORY ACT Protected Mine Workers
1844 FACTORY ACT Protected Women Workers
1846 CORN LAW REPEAL Repealed tariff on grain
1864 CONTAGIOUS DISEASES ACT Required medical exam for prostitutes
1867 REFORM BILL Enfranchised working and lower middle class
1869 DISESTABLISHMENT ACT Disestablished Anglican Church in Ireland
1870 LAND ACT Basis for agraarian reforms in Ireland
1870 EDUCATION ACT Basis for Compulsory Education
1875 TRADE UNION ACT Ended limitations placed on unions
1875  FACTORY ACT Reduced workweek to 56 hours
1875  ARTISANS DWELLING ACT Defined unsanitary housing, state inspection
1884 REFORM BILL Enfranchised rural labor and miners
1885 REDISTRIBUTION ACT Redistributed seats in House of Commons
1886 FIRST HOME RULE BILL For separate Irish Parliament--failed
1893 SECOND HOME RULE BILL For separate Irisharliament--failed
1911 PARLIAMENT ACT Destroyed veto power of House of Lords
1912 THIRD HOME RULE BILL For separate Irish Parliament--passed, but not enacted
1918 REFORM ACT Limited plural voting. Allowed women over 30 who held property or had degrees the vote.