DIRECTIONS: Place the correct numbers from the map provided in the corresponding brackets which accompany each statement below. Numbers may be used more than once. Circled numbers refer to THAT exact location.


[ ]1. A tributary to the Ottoman Empire collecrtively known as the Barbary States.

[ ]2. The king of this country was very important in ending the 30 Years War.

[ ]3. Birth place of Philip II.

[ ]4. Ottoman Empire.

[ ]5. Lithuania.

[ ]6. Richest area of the Holy Roman Empire--frist stage of 30 Years War.

[ ]7. Major fighting during the Thirty Years War--general area.

[ ]8. Denmark.

[ ]9. John Knox and Mary Queen of Scots clashed here.

[ ]10. Napoleon would be born here.

[ ]11. Kingdom of Naples.

[ ]12. The independence of this mountainous country was recognized by the Peace of Westphalia.

[ ]13. A defenestration took place here.

[ ]14. The Armada was sent against this country.

[ ]15. This country supported its widowed queen and the Scots against England.

[ ]16. The emperor of these areas was the nephew of Katherine of Aragon.

[ ]17. Same as # 16.

[ ]18. The pope had temporal power over this area.

[ ]19. The king of this country supported the German protestants, was subsidized by Richelieu, and died at the Battle of Lutzen.

[ ]20. The Council of Blood was located here.

[ ]21. The frontier experience of this country paralleled the American experience.

[ ]22. The Todors subdued this country creating a situation in which a Protestant ruling class drew revenues from a Catholic agricultural population. Fighting continues to this day.

[ ]23. Philip II added this country to his domain.

[ ]24. The Inquisition was used by the rulers of this country to unite the country.

[ ]25. The wealthiest European area of the Spanish Empire.

[ ]26. Denmark.

[ ]27. The "parliament" of this country is called the Estates General.

[ ]28. This country was given land east (from approximately latitude 50) of the Tordesillas line by the Pope.

[ ]29. The reconquista of this country was completed by the capture of Granada.

[ ]30. John Calvin was most powerful here.

[ ]31. The Huguenots were located here.

[ ]32. Two queens were de Medicis--both had minor children who became rulers.

[ ]33. The Act of Supremacy was issued here.

[ ]34. This country used the audiencia to rule its new world possessions.

[ ]35. Elector from this area found hiumself in the position of traitor when the king that he had replaced became Holy Roman Emperor. Later his family would be restored to this area.

[ ]36. The Pope lived here during the Babylonian Captivity.

[ ]37. Bernard directed his plea for a crusade to his lord, the king of this country.

[ ]38. The hundred years war was between these two countries (#38 & # 39).

[ ]39. Same as the above.

[ ]40. Followers of John Hus were strong in this area.

[ ]41. Henrietta Maria became Queen of this country.

[ ]42. The Treaty of Lubeck removed this country from the 30 Years War.

[ ]43. In 1639, a great navel battle between the & the Spanish ended Spanish naval superiority.

[ ]44. Richelieu and Mazarin were important in the government of this country.

[ ]45. Loyola was a native of this country.

[ ]46. St. Peter's cathedral is located here.

[ ]47. Estorial is in this country.

[ ]48. The Cathedral of Chartres is in this country.

[ ]49. The emperor of the area declared Martin Luther an outlaw.

[ ]50. Greatest playwright of the Renaissance and the Modern World lived here.


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