EUROPE 1700-1916

DIRECTIONS: Place the correct numbers from the map provided in the corresponding brackets which accompany each statement below. Numbers may be used more than once. Circled numbers refer to THAT exact location.

[ ]1. Wilhelm "partook of the waters" here.

[ ]2. Land taken by Frederick the Great from Maria Theresa.

[ ]3. Baron von Haussman designed this "new city."

[ ]4. Handel's Water Muscic was perfromed along a river in this country.

[ ]5. The work Roger Fenton did here made him famous.

[ ]6. The first World's Fair was held in a park in this nation.

[ ]7. A November 1, 1755 earthquake destroyed the capital city of this nation.

[ ]8. Louis XVI's wife came from this nation.

[ ]9. Area given to a unified Italy, by Bismarck after his Austrian war.

[ ]10. The Kiel Canal runs through here.

[ ]11. Schleswig

[ ]12. The nephew of Franz Joseph met his end in an open car here.

[ ]13. In 1913 Emily Davison threw herself in front of a royal racehorse here.

[ ]14. First country to be attacked according to the Schlieffen Plan.

[ ]15. Delacroix's "massacre" depicts this nation's wars for freedom.

[ ]16. On November 22 this nation celebrated "The Day of the turnip" and not St. Cicilia's Day.

[ ]17. Johnny Bull represents the people of this nation.

[ ]18. The Dual Entante featured this nation.

[ ]19. The other half of the Dual Entante.

[ ]20. In 1848 these people began a rebellion under the leadership of Louis Kossuth.

[ ]21. Unificaion was achieved in part due to victories at Solferino and Magenta.

[ ]22. Goya's "The Third of May" happened here.

[ ]23. This nation was part of the Quintuple Alliance but NOT part of the Quadruple.

[ ]24. Under the terms of the Treaty of Paris this nation received Malta, Ceylon and the Cape of Good Hope.

[ ]25. Other than Britain, this nation, and one other, did NOT sign the Holy Alliance.

[ ]26. Other than Britain, and the nation did NOT sign the Holy Alliance.

[ ]27. John Redmond fought for the unification of this nation.

[ ]28. A scheme to shorten the route from Europe to the east by building the Suez canal was hatched in this nation, unfortunately it bankrupted the nation.

[ ]29. In the 1850's this state was deemed to have the best army in Europe and fought along side of the French during the conflict in the Crimea.

[ ]30. The last European state to "free" the serfs.

[ ]31. The art works known as the Elgin Marbles came from here.

[ ]32. The Ferry Laws, providing free primary education were passed here in 1880.

[ ]33. Picasso's "Guernica" immortalized this location.

[ ]34. Victoria's grandson ruled this nation.

[ ]35. A peace treaty was signed here in 1815.

[ ]36. The Lusitania was sunk off the coast of this country.

[ ]37. This nation outlawed slavery in 1794.

[ ]38. In 1795 this nation suppressed a revolt in the Republic of Poland-Lithuania and then carried off the state archives and held this records in captivity for nearly 100 years.

[ ]39. Between 1845-1849 this nation suffered one of Europe's worst natural disasters with nearly a million deaths recorded.

[ ]40. The author of the Syllabus of Errors lived here.

[ ]41. In 1818 the Zollverein was established as a custom uniion for this nation.

[ ]42. The "last monarch of the old style" ruled in this nation.

[ ]43. The "Conspiracy of Equals" was organized in this nation in 1796 by Noel Babeuf.

[ ]44. On July 1, 1903 sixty cyclists set off on a 2,430 km race throughout this nation. This race has been repeated each July ever since with the exception of the war years.

[ ]45. The third of Bismarck's "lightening wars" saw an invasion of this nation.

[ ]46. In 1901 the first Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to J.H. Durant. The man responsible for donating the funds which support this annual prize came from this nation.

[ ]47. In the early 1700's members of the aristocracy found it difficult to wear beards and be unable to speak French while living in this nation.

[ ]48. Captain Robert Jenkins lost his ear to sailors from this nation.

[ ]49. The author of "On Crimes and Punishment" hailed from this area.

[ ]50. This state was divided in 1772, again in 1793, and finally eradicated in 1795.