DIRECTIONS: Using the names listed below identify each of the following speakers of the quotations.

Possible Answers: (some may be used more than once) Calvin, Council of Trent, Elizabeth I, Erasmus, Erickson, Hutter, Loyola, Luther, Charles V

1. ________ Woe, woe unto you O ye Moravian rulers, who have sworn to that cruel tyrant and enemy of God's truth...God, by the mouth of the prophet, proclaims trhat he will fearfully and terribly avenge the shedding of innocent blood...everlasting torment and daily appointed to you.

2. ________ Always be ready to obey with mind and heart, setting aside all judgement of one's own, the true spouse of Jesus Christ, our holy mother, our infallible and orthodox mistress, the Catholic Church, whose authority is exercised over us by the hierarchy...That we may be altogether of the same mind and in conformity with the Church herself, if she shall have defined anything to be black which to our eyes appears to be white, we ought in like manner to pronounce it to be black.

3. ________ I profess likewise that true God is offered in the Mass, a proper and propiatory sacrifice for the living and the dead, and that in the most Holy Eucharist there are truly, really and substantially the body and the blood together with the soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that a conversion is made of the whole substance of wine into his blood, which conversion the Catholic Church calls transubstantiation.

4. ________ Good works to not make a man good, but a good man does good works.

5. ________ ...I wish that even the weakest woman should read the Gospel, should read the epistles of Paul.

6. ________ We can surmise that for little Martin the father's own occupation was early precluded form anticipatory phantasy, and that a lfe of scholarly duty was obediently and sadly envisaged instead. This precocious severity of obedience later made it impossible for young Martin to anticipate any career but that of unlimited study for its own sake, as we have seen in following his path of obedience in disobedience.

7. ________ To think that I attempted to force the reason and conscience of thousands of men into one mould and I cannot make two clocks agree.

8. ________ I will make no windows into men's souls.

9. ________ Each saint has a particular task assigned to him, and each must be addressed the way he likes to be called upon. This one asked to cure a toothache, that one to aid in childbirth, others to bring back a stolen article, to bring rescue to the shipwrecked, or to protect cattle, and so on with all the rest. Some saints, of course, can take care of any emergence-especially the Virgin Mary, Holy Mother of Christ, to whom the common man now attributes almost more power than her Son...

10. ________Predestination we call the eternal decree of God, by which he had determined in himnself, what he would have to become of every individual of mankind. For they are not all created with a similar destiny; bvut eternal life is forordained for some and eternal damnation for others...

11. ________ I know how busy you are in your library, which is your paradise.

12. ________ A man with God is always in the majority.