Fall is in the air and it is time for our annual visit to the secret town of Hauntsville where Halloween lives in the hearts and minds of all those who are forever young. So as we begin pout visit and tour watchout for low flying witches, a few stray bats, the ever present ghosts and all other things Halloween. Let's get started.


We are going to start our tour on the left side of the village, the area known to locals as "Haunted Hallows".

There are two entrances to Hauntsville visible from this view. You can travel the Spooky Ridge Road beginning near the theatre on the far left, or you can take your chances and arrive on the old haunted schooner that appears to be wrecked in the bay. This is one section of town that the "normal" locals try to avoid as much as possible. Let's begin on the road on the left.

Traveling down Spooky Ridge Road we first come to the Macabre Theatre. Tonight's feature is the Mummy and we can see the eager crowd arriving. I see the local village mummies are the first to arrive but other theatre patron are not far behind.
Below the theatre on the rocky shoreline cliffs we can see the remains of several graves that have washed ashore and are strewn on the rocks. In the bay we can see one of the locals trying his hand at catching his dinner. Swamp Man seems to asking his friend how the fishing is going.
From the theatre we can follow the road to the left and enter Haunted Hallows. The first residence we pass is Barleycorn Manor. It appears the the homeowners are on their way to the nearby theatre to see tonights show. We should probably just let them pass. Behind Barleycorn Manor stands the old church. Somehow the local clergyman has managed to keep the church open and serves a few of the locals who still attend the old church. the congregation has dwindled quite a bit in recent years. Watchout for the ghosts who are floating through the trees.
Behind the old church is the Wizard's Castle. There is no visible entrance as visitors are required to fly in on traditional transportation. The local wizards raises and trains Romanian Ridgeback Dragons and the only way in or out to to hitch a ride on one of the beasts.
After visiting the church we can take theold wooden footbridge (if the resident ghost will let us pass) and then arrive at the home of Damian Vlad. The old "gentleman" always has special Halloween treats although most of his "cookies" are red and sort of heart shaped.
Next to Vlad's house and across the creek is Grimsley Manor. The old house is said to be vacant, but at night you can often see people "floating " past the windows. The caretaker, Brom Bones, swares the owners moved out long ago and left him to care for the property.
It would seem he spends more time reading books like the Legend of Sleepy Hallow, and less time doing the needed yard work. Several years ago one of the old arches on Spooky Ridge Road collapsed and has been replaced with a suspension bridge. We will have to be careful when we try the crossing. We should be all right if the Grim Reaper and his horse can make the crossing.
Access to the Hollows Lighthouse is by way of a staircase behind Gravely Manors. While it is a steep climb the Lighthouse keeper assures me that the view from the top is really quite amazing.
After crossing the bridge and walking around the bend we come to the cemetery turnoff. A short walk down the hill will take us to Mordecai Mould's Mortuary. While business seems to be brisk, lots of coffins laying about, old man Mould certain is not much for up keep. Watch your step, the horse drawn hearse is preparing to leave.
Mortuary Top View
The old cemetery is about full. The newly deseased are now buried up on the hill at the old farm house. We will pass that area later.
Mortuary VIEW
As we leave the cemetery and head back to the road we can see the tunnel entrance to Witch Coven. The night watchman screens everyone who tries to enter but I'm sure he will let us pass. He knowns me as I've passed here seeral times. Above the tunnel entrance is Esmeralda's lookout post. He nightly job is to open the portal as witches fly in from their scattered haunts. Her powerful telescope allows her to easily spot them as they soar in.

From this angle we get an excellent view of Haunted Hollows. Looking from the top down on the left we can see the steep stairs climbing up tothe Lighthouse. Next to the lighthouse we see the tombstone factory that we will visit on our tour of the high village a bit later. Directly below the lighthouse is Gravely Manor and Spooky Ridge Road with its swinging bridge. I think I see two of the Madison triplets sneaking along the road. Each year those three take daring chances to explore the Hollows. Inthe past they have been chased by ghosts, spooked by ghouls and a host of other happenings. I wonder what it will be this year... Below the road we see the bay and the sunken schooner and part of the old cemetery.

Let's slip past the night watchman and enter the Witch's Coven.

As we come through the tunnel we enter the realm of the Witches of Haunted Hallows. The secret glen winds around Toil and Trouble Creek.

There are many modes of travel for witches. We all know about brooms, but this the the first time I've seen a witch on a motorcycle.

Hecate (Guardian of the Crossroads) and her two cats live in their remodeled home under the ancient broken arches. She and her three familiars, her cats, act as the village greeters and lookouts.

Standing in the middle of Toil and Trouble Creek are two islands that have been turned into residents for the witch sisters Circe and Endora.
Circe, well known for her magical spells lives in the Green house on the left. She has 8 cauldrons boiling with special spells. I'd be very carefull passing by her dwelling least she try one of her spells on you.
Endora lives in the blue house to the right. She has always had a "thing" for men who come to visit. She turns them into frogs!! If you look closely you can see her taking one out for a bit of exercise right now.
This is certainly a low fly zone for witches. If you look to the harvest moon you will see the witch Moll Dyer soaring by on her broom. All the activity in the glen seems to have brought out the bats. I can see several flying in the moonlight.
Blue  Witch
Looking back to the left and behind Hecate's Arch House stands the ancient structure of Stonehenge. Here on moon light Saturday nights witches gather around the bonfire to dance and chant.
Just past Stonehenge on the right witch Morgan Le Fay stirs up another spell.
At the Witches Brew Pub the outdoor table is set and waiting for witch Alice Kyteler. She flies in nightly for a special brew.
I think we better start thinking of leaving this witches' glen. From the look of things some witches seem to have captured a wayward trespasser and placed him in a boiling cauldron.
Witch Cooking
While most witches celebrate this special night, Dame Maude is still hard at work. She runs the Witches' Flight School for young aspiring witchs. As her students practice their flying skills, she is hard ar work grading their efforts.

Finally we come to the old mill. here the grains used at the pub are ground before they are sent to the pub for brewing. Look quick--Alice Kyteler is jus flying past the windmill on her way to the pub. It is her nightly flight pattern and she is never late. Everyone knows that the cave at the end of Spooky Hollow Ridge Road is haunted. Well, tonight there is no doubt. The resident ghost is clearly visible!

This concludes our visit to the glen. Let's head up the hills for a visit to Grimsley Manor.

High on the hill and above the unseen Witches' Glen stands the old section of Hauntsville. Only three families live here and they have been in this same location for many years.
If we follow the pumpkin wagon down the lane toward the Carver's pumpkin patch we will first past the oldest business in Hauntsville. The R.I.P. Tombstone factory has been producing headstones made from the native rock for more than 100 years. Even now on Halloween night they are still working. At the first bend in the road we come to the entrance to the Jefferson's farmstead. Standing the the front yard is the old couple who seem to be examining their well. It seems the well has taken on a surreal glow.
The Jefferson's have hung spooky lanterns in their oak tree to ward off the evil spirits. They have been noticing noises in field they have rented to Mordacai Mould as a new graveyard.
From this angle of view I can see the reason for thenoise problem. First Angus Bones seems to be harvesting bones for his bonemeal fertilizer business. But more importantly it would seem the headless horseman has made this new graveyard his new haunt.
If we continue along the road we next come to Grimsley Manor. The whole family seems to be out to greet the trick or treaters. Why they even have their pet warewolf out to greet their guests. Harold Michaels is on the Manor step calling to his friend on the hayraide to join himfor treats. They will have to get by the warewolf before they can get to the treats.
The Carver family pumpkin patch is always a highlight of the holiday for the citizens of Hauntsville. The pumpkin patch is right next to the cornfield. This cornfield seems to be really ready for the big night. There are ghosts, scarecrows, black cats and even a few crved pumpkins to decorate the field.
Harold Carver's wife Nellie handles the pumkin patch each year while Harold tends to the farm work. I see he is bringing in a basket of freshly picked apples to put in the shed. The Carver's family dog seems to be enjoying his holiday home inside of a large pumpkin. Their dog Spookster certainly reminds me of my new Brittany Sparky.
Nellie Carver is at her usual holiday post carving decorative pumpkins and selling the best pumpkins for miles to anyone brave enough to make the trip to buy one. There are quite a few children in the pumpkin patch trying to select their pumpkins.
Each year the Carvers turn their barn into a Haunted Funhouse. Children can come to the Carver's to get both their pumpkin and enjoy the spooky happenings at the funhouse. A new feature this year is an old time popcorn wagon so the local children can get a snack while they are waiting for their turn to enter the funhouse.
From here we can get one final look atthe Grimsley properties. They have done a fine job of decorating. There are luminaries,carved pumpkins and some really amazing gargoyles. And the bird bath is also a pretty nice decoration as well.

While witch Alice Kyteler was enjoying her nightly brew at the pub I talked her into providing a ride over Hauntsville on her broom so we can get a "broom's eye" view. Hang on 'cuz here we go.........



Thanks for visiting this year's Hauntsville. This edition featured a lot more hand carving than I've eer done before and for the first time I created a multistoried display with the Witch's Glen in to basement. Also the gatehouse just inside the tunnel leading to the Witch Glen with the lighted pumpkins was hand made by me.

Thanks again for looking, and please drop by later for the Dickens Village Christmas Display.

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