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Once again it is time for our annual trip to the timeless little town of Hauntsville. Every year at this time the sleepy little town is home to a collection of witches, goblins and other assorted monsters. We will have to be careful as the witches of the Hauntsville coven will eagerly turn us into toads if they get the chance. Still, there is lots to see this year, so lets begin our tour.

As we walk under the old iron entry sign I see a couple of friendly faces eager to greet us. Their pale white boney complection stands out in the moonlight. To the left of the entry way I can see the McKeeby farmhouse and to the right is their old garage. In this part of town we have a cobblestone street to walk on.
entry sign
Just inside the entryway, and to the right is the McKeeby farm garage. In the field in front of the garage the family plants corn each year. Now that it is fall, their farm hand Grant Wood has put aside his paint brush pick up a syckle to cut the dry stalks. Grant has a fondness for cats and keeps several for rat control. I see a little sign post pointing the way to the town lighthouse, let's head that way first.
Standing in front of their farmhouse Bryon and Nan McKeeby are looking for guests with whom to share Halloween treats. Those of you with an art background should know them quite well. The old farmhouse is solidly built on bedrock but the McKeeby's have reinforced the grounds with a rock wall. The roadway heading to the lighthouse is just a dirt track that can get quite muddy in the wet season. When it rains the run off from the mountains creates a number of streams that can be quite treacherous. There is one such stream just to the left of farmhouse. We can use the rock across the stream to get across, but watch your step as it may be slippery.
Down the road from the farmhouse stands the Mitchell house. I don't see Ma Mitchell about but with Brom Bones on his horse in their front yard, it might be best to stay in. If Brom doesn't frighten you enough to keep inside, maybe the presence of the Grim Reaper strolling down the lane will keep you inside. Stormy weather seems to have broken down the old oak tree. Now that it is dead I see it is infested with rats running along the branches. The road way is marked with a stone Hoo-Doo to help guide us to thelighthouse. I see there is another run off stream crossing the pathway. Sadly I do not see a bridge, looks like we are going to get our feet wet.
In front of the Mitchell house is the marshland. Ezra Mitchell, the eldest son of the Mitchells, is out in his boat fishing in the waters in front of the marsh. So far it looks like he has only caught an old tire, but it looks like his pet bird has spotted something in the waters next to the boat. We better step to the side as Death on a Pale horse is coming down the roadway. Above the road Pa Mitchell is sitting on his bench just watching the events of the night unfold and guarding his magic glowing mushrroms. The witches of the local coven love to use them in their spells. Just to his left witch Hecate seems to be brewing one such spell. Ahead there is one more Hoo-Doo, with a skull, to help guide us to the lighthouse.
If you look carefully at the marshland you can find Marshman creeping out of the primal ooze looking for someone to haunt. There is also a snake slithering up on one of the never ending supply of marsh frogs. If you look carefully you will spot several other frogs (former princes) trying to hide in the plant life to avoid the snake. Quick, look to the far right and you can see several rats running along the branches of the old oak tree.
On the rocky point just above the marsh stands the charming home of witch Helga. Helga lives here with her sister Hecate who was working on her spells when we last saw her. Helga has a special skill. She turns young princes into frogs. We have already seen how skilled she is as the marsh is overflowing with frogs. Helga and her sister have one of the best views of anyone in Hauntsville as from the rocky point on which they live they have a grand view of the lower section of Witch Hazel Falls. The woodlands at the base of the falls breeds lots of insects and so there are lots of bats hovering around the falls looking for a evening snack.
This time of the year the polluted waters of the Witch Hazel River glow a ghastly green. The total drop of the falls is 74 feel counting all three sections. (note: I worked out the height based on the size of the people in the village). The upper falls is 43 feet and the lower section is 27 feet. The middle section makes up the rest of the falls. The sight of the falls at night is the most amazing view in the entire town of Hauntsville. The pathway we have been following actually runs behind the lower falls and will allow us to pass behind the falls, crossing the waterway, without getting our feet wet. We will get a better view of the upper falls when we get to the Pub later on our tour.
As we emerge from behind the falls we come to the home of Circe, perhaps Hauntsville best sorceress and potion maker. As we travel along the pathway heading toward the lighthouse we would do well to watch our step. On the rocks leading to the base of the falls is another of the treacherous snakes that haunt the wetlands. soaring around the downed tree are several giant bats. I note that the young witch Medea has broken with tradition and given up broom riding and has now taken to riding her motorcycle. If you look at the rocks in the lagoon you will see that several residents of the nearby cemetery seem to be out and about tonight. One has quite successfully taken up fishing. He has caught one and has another on the line and is trying to reel it in.He better get reel it in quickly as there is an approaching sea creature who looks intent on getting a quick dinner.
I think we should get by Circe's home as quickly as possible. The great wizard Merlin appears to be discussing potions and spells with Circe in her front yard. She has jars of bat wings and dragon brains ready for her use and I don't want her getting any ideas of what else she might need.
Heading further along the path to the lighthouse we will pass Samantha, Circe's apprentice, who is working on her spells. Samantha does most of her work with her cauldron that is located in the old grotto. As an apprentice she often consults her textbook of spells and potions. Some of her potions seem to rely on a secreat ingredient of spider eyes and another ingredient I can't quite see.
You best be careful now. As we pass Samantha's cauldron we come upon one of Hauntville's trolls taking his dog Fluffy for an evening walk. I know Fluffy is on a leash, but we still better be careful.

Hauntsville's lighthouse is located on a cliff just above what is known to locals as Pirates Cove. Years ago Edward Teach's schooner, the Queen Ann's Revenge smashed on rocks of the this cove. The wreck still haunts these waters every fall. Edward is said to hang out at thelighthouse and drink his botte of grog while cursing his fate. They say that his first mate, one eye Jack, can be seen holding the Jolly Roger as he searches for missing crew members to get the old wreck afloat for further adventures on the high seas.


Thereis a small cemetery on the cliff next to thelighthouse. It is said that the remains of the crew of the Queen Anne's Revenge have been laid to rest there. Maybe this is the graveyard that the fishermen have escaped from??

Now that we have reached the lighthouse we will have to retrace our steps to the entrance of Hauntsville in order to continue our tour. Just watch your step, avoid Fluffy and the witches, don't drink the water when we get to the falls and I'll see you at the village entrance.



Well, now that we are back at the entrance everyone seems eager enough to help us continue our tour, so let's get started climbing upward.

As we head up the road we will once again pass the MacKeeby farm house, I see Bryon and his pitchfork are giving us the once over and the village ghoul on the roadway on the left seems to be waving us onward. Even that pale boney odd couple have stepped aside to allow us to continue to the Mortuary just up the street.

As the roadway turns to the left we arrive at Mordecai Mould's village mortuary. Mordecai is proud that this family has buried all of Hauntsville's deseased residents in their eternal resting places. Strangely, as I look around the township, many of the buried former members do not seem to have stayed in their tombs. Furthermore, Mordecai, who manages all of the village graveyards, seems to be running out of space for future burials. Wonder how he is dealing with this proble? To the right of theMortuary is one of the graveyards. Just behind the graveyard is the stoneworks where master masons carve the headstones needed for new burials.
mortuary front
As we turn to the left and head up the street I see one of the newly buried residents seems to have gotten out of her grave. Additionally the graveyard caretaker seems to be pushing a wheelbarrow of bones down the lane. Shouldn't those bones be buried somewhere?
As we continue up the road from the mortuary we will pass under the cliff where the witches' windmill is located. The mill is under the care of the sister witches Endora and Harriet. These two grind the grain which is then sent to the nearby pub where it becomes the famed Witches' Brew. Having completed their days work the two sisters and getting ready for their nightly trip to the pub. Endora is fitting her new hat, while Harriet is admiring her appearance in an enchanted mirror that always makes her look beautiful, even down to the wart on her nose. To the left of the windmill is Skeletor Lane. Better watchout for the car racing down the lane between the skeleton lamp posts. To the far left of the lane I see witch Gertrude soaring in on her broom for her nightly stop at the Pub. Gertrude is the most skilled of the witches when it coes to flight. I'm hoping to get her to do us a favor later this evening.
Further up Skeletor Lane, behind the windmill and above the Mortuary stands the great wizard's castle known as Dragon's Lair. The castle is under the custodianship of Agarwain, the Firebrand, who is a most fearsome wizard. You can see Agarwain standing atop his castle holding his firebrand. Above him are his two pet dragons Seasmoke and Ramoth. Above the castle Seasmoke can be seen on the left with his great wings spread. Ramoth has recently laid an egg that has hatched. The hatchling can be seen on the left above the glowing rocks. The egg was kept warm by Ramoth heating the rocks to a glowing red with her breath of fire. Behind the castle is ared glow that has been rumored to come from a new dragon called Allsbreath. No one has seen the beast as yet.
On a clear night, near the peaks of Witch Mountain one can often see the ghosts of Hauntsville floating across the skies. Some say it is just the mist that forms near the peaks, but I don't believe it. Then, when the moon is full if you look closely you will find, if only for a moment a dark shadow dashing across the face of the moon. Donb't be alarmed, it is only Tabitha riding her broom on her midnight patrol over Hauntsville
The Witches' Brew Pub is the center of Hauntsville's social scene. Thanks to the efforts of Endora and Harriet at the mill the pub always has a ready supply of grain to make their famed brew. The pub is open nightly from sunset until half past theWitching Hour. The only way to visit the pub is by broom which is why the Pub's mistress, Astar (seen standing in front of the pub) had to put in a parking lot for the brooms. Reservations may be made in advance to make certain you can get a table. Witch Enola is the Pub Hostess, you can see her on the left side below the parking sign. She is holding her reservation list and uses her telescope to watch for incoming guests. I see there is a vacant table on the pub's deck and Gertrude is flyingin in on her broom from the right to claim her reservation. While we are looking around the pub, we might as well check out the views of the falls. This is the best place in town to see the falls up close.
From the rocky cliff edge outside the Pub we can get an overview of the falls. The upper falls has a thunderous drop of 43 feet and then runs another 50 feet before the waters reach the drop of the middle falls. If you look carefully you will see Boris the mummy trying to cross the Witch Hazel river on a stone bridge. The polluted waters of the river glow an erie green that should provide enough light to make his crossing a bit easier.
The middle falls is only about 10 feet high and more of a cascade than a falls. It tends to collect a great many logs and branches that clutter along the banks. Of course, the area is always infested with bats.
After crossing the Witch Hazel River we arrive on the left bank. The area is known as Haunted Hallows and features of homes of Hauntsville's high society. Let's take a look around.
The knoll at the top of the high cliff on the left side of the river supports Hauntsville's Flight School for young witches. The very talented, and demanding flight instructor, Cassandra is in charge of the training.. The only way to reach the school is by broom so mother's must bring their youngsters to nightly classes. They can stay to watch class but most simply hop back on their brooms and soar over the the Pub right across the river. On a broom it only takes seconds. Besides, from the Pub they have a perfect view of their children as they practice.
flightschool longview
From the entrance to Haunted Hallows we have a great view of the young witches in flight. Cassndra can be seen standing to the left of the school correcting her young charges and keeping her notebook up to date with their progress. In the background to the right you can see the Pub where the mothers hang out during class. Cassandra's assistant, Hazel, can be seen to the right of the school preparing snacks for the students when class is over.
flightschool close
Finally, I have spoken to Gertrude and she has consented to do a fly over the flight school on her broom. She has a new broon cam she wants to try out and has provided the photo below so we can have an overview of the area.
As we leave the Flight School just below is a doorway marked as "Welcome". This, not so secret door" hides a staircase that twists down through the rock and back to the passage behind the falls It is the way we will get back to the entrance of Hauntsville when we complete our tour. The door is watched the the two sisters Alice and Agnes whose job is to keep out unwanted visitors while welcoming home the families who live in the Haunted Hallows.
At the edge of the cliff which is Haunted Hallows stands the stately home of the Gravely Family. The view from the garden or from the upstairs window that look out over the waters below can be quite stunning, especially when the schooner Queen Anne's Revenge makes its annual ghostly return to the bay. These days while looking through those upstairs windows you just might see a series of ghost and deamons drifting through the rooms. Mr. Gravely is standing out side to await Trick or Treaters. I doubt that many will be visiting tonight. The faithful family dog Cujo can be seen in the garden with his waterbowl. I'm not sure if it is just the mist or not, but there seems to be a number of ghost floating by at this time of night.
From just outside the "Welcome" door we can look up the street and see the Grimsley Estate house. The entire family and their pets seem to standing outside to invite us in for their annual Halloween party. Every ghoul, goblin, witch, wizard, mummy and troll in town has been invited. I'm not so sure this is a party I want to attend. I hope that that green sludge in the cauldron that serves as a fountain is not part of the rrefreshments served at the party. Chained to the shed is the family dog Cuddles the brother of Fluffy that we met while trying to visit the lighthouse. Cuddles looks just as friendly as his sister.
It is a good thing Cuddles is well chained to his doghouse. He looks like he is ready to take a bite out of anyone who gets too close.
Just around the bend in the road is Grimsley's garage where he keeps his flying car Lizzie. Laying in the hammock outside the garage is the oldest of the Mitchell brothers whose family owns the house down by the marsh saw earlier on our tour. He was supposed to be cutting the lawn for tonights party, laying there in the hammock, he seems to be taking a break. Just past the garage is the tunnel that leads to the old church and cemetery, the last stop on our tour.
Through the tunnel by the Grimsley garage and behind the mountain wall that stands by the Gravely Manor is the old Forsaken Cemetery. Here is where of oldest residents of Hauntsville are supposed to be at eternal rest. Buster Bones, the caretaker has quite a job this time of year keeping the residents in their assigned crypts. If you look closely you can see the Goodbody Family Crypt emitting a faint green glow. Probaby from either too much punch, or drinking the water from the river.
At the back of the cemetery stands the church. Probably the safeest place in town on this night.
All Saints Church has all its candles burning tonight to ward off evil spirits. Judging from the burning rock behind the church, they are going to need a lot more candles tonight.
Finally we have completed out tour of Hauntsville for 2018. Witch Gertrude who has been watching over us all night from her high flying broom has just given me a photo taken with her Broom Cam. It is a "broom's eye" view of Hauntsville. On the left you can see Haunted Hallows and moving to the right, across the river is the pub and you can just see part of Dragon's Lair with the baby dragon in its nest. In the foreground you can see the coast line and the two witch houses along with a piece of the marshland.
Now be safe as you make your way home on this Spooky night, and thanks for visiting Hauntsville 2018.